The European Union after Brexit: Member States in 2020

European Union status after Brexit The European Union in 2020 represents the (remaining) 27 countries (after Brexit in January 2020). This infographics portrays the “United in Diversity” concept of European integration. The European Union integration has allowed multifaceted countries to […]

The EU has 24 official languages

The European Union has 27 Member states and it has 24 official languages. 19 languages belong to 4 major linguistic families: Romance, Germanic, Slavic and Uralic. The remaining 5 languages form 4 small and rare linguistic families. The EU institutions […]

My life-changing trip to Germany

Episode 1 There are events in our lives that we cannot forget. There is one that I always remember because it has transformed my life. #Latvia In 1994, my German language teacher announced that the Goethe-Institut was organizing an essay […]