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Cultural awakening with parent-child games from We talk Europe

Have fun discovering the symbols of the different European countries, their flags and information that is as interesting as it is useful.

Who are they for? We talk Europe’s new games are designed for children. These fun games help them to discover Europe and its countries, symbols and cultural diversity. Laugh and have fun with family or friends as you learn!

Educational games broaden each child’s skills and analytical abilities. They also improve their attention, eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills. 

Through play, each child learns to follow rules, while developing concentration and mental flexibility. In addition, these edutainment activities sharpen their intelligence and improve their ability to think and reason.

These games are easy to download, print and put together. The rules are straightforward and are even suitable for young children, so everyone can enjoy them!

PLAY EUROPE (2+ players)

The PLAY EUROPE game board shows 27 symbols of the 27 countries of the European Union. Players go through the 120 squares avoiding the “trap” squares and trying to land on the “bonus” squares. This is an imaginary cultural journey through the EU countries.

Rules of the game: Each player chooses a piece and places it on square 1. 

The youngest starts. Each player rolls the die and advances the corresponding number of squares.

If you roll a 6, you may roll again.

During the game, the players may land on squares with different-coloured numbers:

– Black number: no effect.

– Red number: the player is entitled to one more move following the direction of the arrow, and stops when he or she reaches a blue number.

The first player to reach the square with the chequered flag (120) wins.

You will need : die and game pieces


The “TOP12” Disc is an exciting game for children, which makes it easy to learn about the countries of the European Union, their flags, codes and beautiful capitals. And all through English!

By playing this game, you will discover:

1. The 12 most populous countries in the European Union: Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Romania, the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, the Czech Republic, Portugal and Sweden;

2. The 12 country codes: knowing the two-letter alphabetic codes is useful for everyday life (e.g. to recognise car plates and international URL extensions) and school (these codes are used in statistics, graphs, maps, etc.);

3. The 12 national flags: the flag is one of the main symbols of a state. It is always displayed during international events, such as sporting competitions;

4. The 12 beautiful capitals: capitals are important cities in terms of population, political power and cultural value. Most of them are also popular tourist destinations.

Rules of the game: the aim of the game is to match the 4 criteria of a country as quickly as possible. To do this, turn the wheel and place the criteria in the blue “arrow”. Matching the 12 countries to their criteria promotes attention, active perception, memorisation and coordination.


The origami activity “The 4 Friends” is a game that effectively stimulates children’s thinking ability and memory. The story presents 4 little Europeans who get to know each other and share their passions during a holiday in Italy.

Rules of the game: a player gives a number between 1 and 10 and then chooses one of the 4 numbers visible in the centre of the origami. Unfold the part of the chosen number and ask the question that appears.

These games are easy to download, print and put together. The rules are straightforward and are even suitable for young children, so everyone can enjoy them!