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We Talk Europe is a multilingual project that’s both fun and educational, intended to introduce children between the ages of 8 and 12 to Europe in all its diversity through English-language classes. In 2020, I led several week-long face-to-face courses in the Lille metropolitan area.

From the 2021 winter holidays onwards, I’m offering numerous online workshops that allow children to practise English and discover Europe in groups of 8 to 10. I created the workshop content and adapted it to online teaching. I’ve also received training in online instruction.

In December 2020, I organised four themed online workshops on “Christmas in Europe”. In February 2021, I ran 5 themed online workshop “Carnival in Europe”. The atmosphere, active participation, and positive feedback from the participants confirmed to me that online workshops are an excellent alternative to face-to-face workshops. 

Dive into the world of online learning

Online workshops offer

The online workshops offer educational, visual and cultural content. Children will love the interactive activities and fun exercises in English. Give your child the opportunity to learn English while having fun!

Themed workshop: “Carnival in Europe” (1 hour) in English

A chance to discover the cultural festival “Carnival in Europe”! Every country in Europe celebrates Carnival according to its own traditions. Carnival is an opportunity for people to imagine and create beautiful costumes and original masks. This workshop deals with the origin of Carnival, key dates, figures, and traditions for preparing for and celebrating the occasion. Multimedia content covering the Carnivals of Venice, Nice, and other European cities, as well as relevant interactive games, make this workshop unforgettable.

The workshop was held in February 2021

Check out its video here

Themed workshop: “Easter in Europe” (1 hour) in English

A chance to discover delightful Eastertime traditions in Europe! Amazing traditions for celebrating Easter in different European countries: Easter dates, symbols, festive dishes, etc. Children will have fun while learning English vocabulary related to Easter (Easter egg, egg hunt, Easter bunny, etc.). The relevant multimedia content, games, and interactive exercises make this workshop unforgettable. Join this festive secular online workshop that encourages children’s creativity and language skills.

The workshop was held in April 2021.

Check out its video here

Week-long workshop: “Zoom in on Europe” (5 hours: 5 days, 45 min per day) in English

This course is for children between the ages of 8 and 12, intended to introduce them to and develop their knowledge of various topics related to Europe and the European Union – geography, member states, cultural and linguistic diversity, and its symbols – through fun, interactive and educational activities. The interactive games and relevant quizzes make this course unforgettable.

Themed workshop: “The great European explorers” (2 hours) in English

A chance to discover the great European explorers! An entertaining introduction to European exploration: the discovery of the Atlantic and the Americas by French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Dutch explorers (Columbus, Magellan, Cartier, etc.). 

Play games, draw, and participate in quizzes on the greatest historical voyages! Children will have fun while learning to use the past tense in English (discovered, established, etc.).

The themed workshops help grow children’s awareness of the value of European cultural heritage. They offer a small “workshop kit” containing the list of English words related to the topic of the workshop, the link to the interactive exercise in which kids can use the new vocabulary, and hands-on activities to enjoy (colouring, games). This kit is sent via email after the workshop so that participants can strengthen their new knowledge and keep a souvenir of the experience.

The themed workshops help grow children’s awareness of the value of European cultural heritage. They offer:

Before the workshop:

  • An invitation to join the meeting and use Zoom (sent by e-mail beforehand)

During the workshop:

  • Fun, educational content in French;
  • Interactive activities in English;
  • Real-time lessons

After the workshop:

  • The downloadable, printable “workshop kit” includes:
  • The list of English words related to the topic of the workshop;
  • The link to the interactive exercise in which kids can use the new vocabulary
  • Hands-on activities to enjoy (colouring, games) to strengthen their new knowledge and keep a souvenir of the experience.

Necessary materials for each workshop:

  • A computer with a mouse (or a tablet with a large screen)
  • A stable Internet connection
  • A Gmail account in the child’s name
  • A piece of paper and pen – to take down key information so they can pass the mini quiz at the end of the workshop
  • Recommended: a calm, preferably quiet environment; over-ear headphones to minimise any distractions at home; a printer

Weekly English lessons: “European Immersion”

This weekly course, “European Immersion”, will take place on a dedicated online learning platform. The platform allows you to save all the course materials and makes them accessible anywhere, any time.

Children will be able to view the entire course, consult the content before and after each class, do their homework directly on the platform, build their own personal online dictionary, track their progress, etc.

An innovative and effective approach to learning new skills! The course is still in its development phase. 

Necessary materials for each workshop:

  • A computer with a mouse (or a tablet with a large screen)
  • A stable Internet connection
  • A Gmail account in the child’s name
  • A piece of paper and pen – to take down key information so they can pass the mini quiz at the end of the workshop
  • Recommended: a calm, preferably quiet environment; over-ear headphones to minimise any distractions at home; a printer

How does an online workshop take place?

The class will meet on the hour using a Zoom login link. The family will receive it via e-mail (which they provide during registration) on the day before the event. All you have to do is click on the link to join the virtual classroom. I meet and greet the children. After a quick run-through of Zoom’s functionalities (for those who haven’t used it before), I share my screen and start the presentation.

During the demonstration, I use interactive tools like the microphone, camera, chat, breakout rooms, polls, and whiteboard. All of these tools facilitate pupils’ active participation, attention, and engagement. They allow for effective communication and a dynamic experience.

How does We Talk Europe organise online English practice?

Why online learning?

Overcrowded classrooms, overworked teachers, obsolete textbooks, outdated teaching methods and a lack of technical equipment are the main reasons why pupils have such low levels of English.

Informed parents understand that traditional teaching often doesn’t respond to or develop with societal changes. It also doesn’t teach new knowledge or skills.

Numerous extracurricular programmes and projects have been developed to help children acquire new, essential skills to boost their academic performance, follow through with their education, and build a personal and professional future.

An experience that lets them grow

It is understandable that you might be wary of the new, unknown realm of online learning. As an adult, I have been receiving online training for several years, and it has worked for me. I am convinced that distance learning is effective, practical and is only set to improve.

I enrolled my daughter (10 years old) in online language classes when her face-to-face classes were chaotically postponed and finally suspended in summer 2020. She has now been learning Russian and Spanish languages in the comfort of her own bedroom, completely independently (she learns English at a bilingual school).

She loves her online classes and takes them very seriously, always actively participating and doing her homework diligently. She’s progressing not only in terms of her language skills, but also in her organisational skills. These educational activities give her responsibilities that she happily takes on. She manages the tech all by herself: she turns on her PC, connects to the meeting via the Zoom link, uses the Zoom controls to participate, etc. These skills are necessary to succeed in today’s world. They will be essential as she continues to learn throughout her life. To help you to rise to the challenge, I provide a user’s guide for Zoom.

Why choose We Talk Europe?

Different themes – children develop their general sense of culture through games, interactive exercises, multimedia, etc. They enrich their vocabulary and improve their expression and oral comprehension in English;

Authentic and original content – to create the content, I draw on my rich intercultural and personal experience. I possess a vast library of resources in the different languages that I speak fluently. I get inspired to create innovative, entertaining, and educational workshops.

Interactive workshops – the workshops encourage children to practice their English, participate in the games, interact with their classmates, and use the interactive tools.

Added value – the content of my workshops introduces children to the beautiful countries of Europe, their cultures and diversity. I share my life and travel experience from different parts of Europe, as well as my passion for a united Europe. Each workshop promotes openness to Europe and awakens children to multiculturalism and all the riches that Europe has to offer.

Personal development – motivating yourself to take an online course, follow through, get organised, assert yourself and progress – online activities are a great way to grow as a person.

Digital experience – it’s your chance to familiarise yourself with online learning, adapt to it, and get used to its functionalities.

Intercultural experience – the virtual classes welcome learners from different countries and cultures. They offer children the possibility to meet people they otherwise wouldn’t, and to develop their curiosity, their tolerance and their social skills.

Children thrive – I limit the number of participants per group to guarantee that each child thrives and to offer them a better experience with a near-individual approach.

“Language school” approach – the weekly “European immersion” lessons will be structured according to English level to ensure learners’ satisfaction and progress. A mini test will be sent to you once you’ve registered in order to place your child.

Activity leader – I’m motivated, passionate about Europe and languages, and have recently been trained in the use of digital tools to be able to offer the best online experience.

Why do my online classes work?

My online classes lead to better school results, personal development, and a cultural and technological awakening.

Atmosphere – thanks to this fun, entertaining method, the atmosphere in the classroom is joyful: no stress, no competition, no grades. This gives the child a sense of security and inner calm. The environment helps them to overcome a fear of making mistakes and speaking English.

Fun – learning English and interesting topics on Europe allows them to make progress while having a lot of fun.

Various resources – different resources are used (songs, games, podcasts, videos, quizzes, etc.) that help children to develop the four key elements of language: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. 

Motivation – children who sign up will be motivated and will diligently follow their online classes. They will use their free time to advance, persevere and progress. Just as they would during traditional activities, the children will receive their exercises to do at home to strengthen their new knowledge (only in week-long courses and weekly lessons);

Sustainable learning – I’ve scheduled “spaced repetition” of the different concepts dealt with during class to promote memorisation and comprehension, and to guarantee the development of children’s knowledge and skills (for the week-long courses and weekly lessons).

Control – I reserve the right to limit the participation of a pupil if their behaviour disrupts the class (by muting their microphone or turning off their camera if necessary);

Dynamism – the online classes depend on interaction between pupils and the host, mini games, multimedia, humour, and creativity for children’s engagement and active participation;

Technology – the days of “I didn’t see”, “I didn’t hear” are over – the class content is right there on your computer screen, and the activity leader’s oral presentation will be made while the participants’ microphones are muted

Activity Leader Aija Omarova

After receiving master’s degrees in European politics (College of Europe) in Belgium and international relations in the United Kingdom, I have received training in online instruction. I speak English fluently (915/980 in the TOEIC test). I’ve worked as an English tutor (with Anacours). 

I have been registered as a multilingual instructor since 2019 (France). We Talk Europe is the entrepreneurial project that I developed to introduce children to Europe in all its diversity through English-language classes.

Reserve your place now! Join me and LET’S TALK EUROPE!

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5.0 18 reviews

  • Avatar Lori Anna Reid ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    My 9 year old daughter loved this program. She was brimming with pleasure to share it with us afterwards. Bravo Aija!
  • Avatar Ram Mani ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    My daughter liked very much today’s workshop about Easter in Europe. It is so informative and very well delivered. Images are very attractive and games interactive. Thank you, Aija! From Vancouver, Canada
  • Avatar evgenia tsagareli ★★★★★ a year ago
    Awesome Project that gave the child great pleasure! It was very interesting to get so much useful information about Europe in Georgia. Thank! Keep it up! Great success! We are waiting for new meetings!
  • Avatar Halida Burkhan ★★★★★ 11 months ago
    My daughter was excited and shared with the family what she learned about Carnival in Europe. She said she learned new things that she didnt know before.
  • Avatar Jelena Jelena ★★★★★ a year ago
    We really liked online Christmas class of WE TALK EUROPE. My child was not just a spectator, but participant in an engaging interactive lesson. There were a lot of new information about European countries, which not every adult knows, author's games, interesting competitions. The child was happy. Many thanks to charming Aija from Latvia!
  • Avatar Ida Shukor ★★★★★ a year ago
    It was very fun! I enjoyed the experience very much! Now I know more about Europe 😀
  • Avatar Venicia Venicia ★★★★★ a year ago
    Clara (11 years old) really enjoyed this workshop during the All Saints holidays, both fun and informative !!
  • Avatar Janis Baltins ★★★★★ a year ago
    Open minded, professional and very optimistic! Thank you!
  • Avatar Virginie Jacques Le Seigneur ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Great experience for my daughter!
    She loved the We talk Europe internship. Learning is fun and the supports and activities are varied: games, writing, audio, video, ... All this in a very friendly atmosphere!
    Aija is very professional and passionate about Europe.
    My daughter was able to discover Europe while having fun and all this in English. Really great !!!